Maplewood Mall Mural Project

The Maplewood Mall mural with Tessera Mosaics was finished in August, 2013. You can see this large exterior tile mural installed outside the Barnes & Noble entrance of the mall. You can also find out more about Tessera Mosaics by visiting their website

Maplewood mall mural, Maplewood, MN, 2013

CSCC Community Loft Mural

I lived at Como Student Community Cooperative (CSCC) for 5 years while my husband was in graduate school at the U of MN and always wanted to paint a mural for them. I was finally able to do this for them the year after we moved away from the cooperative. The finished image is a collage representing all of the community activities that go on in the shared loft space.

CSCC loft mural, Minneapolis, MN, 2013

UMM Mural Studies


During my time at the University of MN, Morris, I took a mural making course in which our class completed 3 murals throughout the Morris community.   

Food Service Building, University of MN, Morris, MN, 2006

Salvation Army Mural, Morris, MN, 2006

Admissions Office Mural, University of MN, Morris, MN, 2006 (Mine is the barn door on the far left)

Tropical Bathroom Mural

One of my first murals was an underwater scene for the children's bathroom in Pat & Tamara Hueser's home in St. Joseph, MN.

Bathroom Mural, St. Joseph, MN, 2005