A little bit about me

I have always felt a close connection to nature. It surrounded me in my upbringing on a farm in rural Minnesota. There was inspiration everywhere in the patterns and shapes occurring in the natural world.

While at the University of MN, Morris completing a bachelors degree in studio art, I again found myself close to nature. It was there, out on the wide open prairie, that I fell in love with painting the ever changing clouds in the sky that went on for miles.

The first time I took notice of the sky after moving to Minneapolis, it was indirectly through a skyscraper downtown as its glass facade perfectly reflected a bright blue backdrop with a single white puffy cloud. It struck me as a fitting image for the transition I had made from my rural past to my urban present. I have continued to paint reflections because there is a wealth of beauty in the distorted shapes and colors, blurring and blending as if they are already made of paint.

I now make my home in Maplewood, MN and my art continues to be a result of my environment, creating a sense of place and serving as a record of where I have been. I seek to capture the patterns of light and shadow as they shift around us each day. As a left-brained artist, my eye instinctively looks for order, as seen by the gridded sections of windows on a skyscraper or the divisions created by branches on the picture plane.